The History of Malo Peshtene date for at least 400 years. Before four centuries In that time some of the Great clans who lived in the nearby Golemo Peshtene (which stands 5 км south of Malo Peshtene) left their home-village forever. In the year of 16xx these clans created Malo Peshtene and Gorno Peshtene. Malo Peshtene is situated at the slopes of the Great Borovan`s Hill. The new location was very useful for watching over the hole plain in front of the hill for closing enemies. For similar purposes every house in the village has back door, which leads to the forest.

The word "Peshtene" comes from "pesht" which means "oven". To put it simply, there was a big oven in Golemo Peshtene which mean "The village where there is a big oven".

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This is the Twisted Road which leads you in the village