Peshtene's Sequoia farm

Malo Peshtene is situated on the slope of the Borovan Mound. The place is great for walks among coniferous and deciduous forests. Next to the village passes the Skat River. In front of the village it stretches an extensive plane that offers many opportunities for walks, velocross and even sport fishing (in the lake of the near Banitsa village).

From 2017, the village began breeding Giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum). In autumn 2018 there are two planted trees in the open. Their Google coordinates are:
43.351698 / 23.744304 and
43.351704 / 23.744335.
Another 50 germinating seeds waits to become stronger to be planted outside.
Most current info about the farm can be found on the Forum zelena-prolet

Please donate, if you can for the faster development of the farm and the spread of the planting. If you do, we would name one of the trees after you or your choosing to remain here for eternity. You can see the named trees on the Google Map visible from everywhere.
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Peshtene Sequoia

Planting of Grandpa Hari sequoia

Peshtene Sequoia